Roseberry Topping

A distinctive landmark on the very edge of the North York Moors Roseberry Topping is visible from miles around. Its distinctive shape has been described as being similar to that of the Matterhorn in the Swiss-Italian Alps.  Located close by to Great Ayton and Newton Under Roseberry there are several locations in which to make some very nice images.


In May, Newton Woods is covered in a carpet of Bluebells, the aroma is quite incredible. To get to this area to photograph them you will need to drive up Aireyholme lane which is just off Dikes Lane. Parking near the duck pond close to a farm. Proceed to walk past the farm in a Northwesterly direction to a fork in the track. Keep to the left fork and follow the edge of the field still in a northwesterly direction Continue until reaching the woodlands then take a right turn. The area which I made this shot from is pinned on the map.           

Bluebell Woods

Rosberry Topping Bluebells



Cockshaw Hill

This shot of Roseberry Topping was made from the Top of Cockshaw hill and a disused quarry. The best time of year to go and photograph this area is late August to early September when the heather is in full bloom. Sunset is a prime time of day to make the shot.

Parking and location

Parking at Gribdale Gate walk up the hill for several hundred meters before veering off to the right through heather and rowan trees to find the edge of the quarry. There are some great foreground interests to be had with heather and bilberry bushes so getting low down to the ground is recommended.

Click on the map to see the location in which I made this image. 

Cockshaw Hill

Roseberry Topping

Cockshaw Hill Location

Rowan Trees

There are many other compositions available from Cockshaw Hill and the quarry this been another image I made the same evening. These Rowan trees catch the warmth of the evening sun really well with the red berries standing out against the greens of the tree very well. I would suggest using a  polariser just to cut down on glare giving more contrast and saturation.  The location is the same as in the map above for Cockshaw Hill.

Rowan Trees

Roseberry Topping & Heather
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