Warnscale Bothy

My plan had always been to camp here overnight and capture a sunset from Warnscale Bothy. This was my second-time wild camping and landscape photography adventure. To truly experience the feeling of the landscape I think there is no better way. 

Warnscale Bothy is a great first time wild camping location as it's not too much of a hike to get there. Finding the Bothy can be tricky and I will pin the location on a map so you should be able to locate it fairly easily. 

There are several route options available and I find the easiest and most direct is to park at Honister Slate Mine. There is a charge to park here overnight but it is reasonable.

From here follow the steps which you will find to the right of the track/road that heads uphill, this is probably the steepest part of the walk. Then it's just a case of following your nose until you arrive at some slate workings. Here you will find what is known as Dubs Hut which is another bothy close by. Follow the paths down the scree slopes and across the beck and up the other side of the slope. Shortly after crossing the beck you will find a path off to the right which leads round to another scree slope and here you will find the hut. It's quite camouflaged against all the slate that surrounds it. Staying in the Bothy is an option but bear in mind other people may be in there and it is only for a maximum of four. If you are planning to stay in the Bothy it is still a good idea to take a tent.             

There is a perfect camping spot in front of the bothy large enough for a good number of tents. With amazing views. To me, this is the real experience of landscape photography and wild camping all in one package.        

Warnscale Bothy Sunset

I suggest giving yourself a good one hour walk to get there from the carpark and a couple of hours on arrival to set up camp. It is really only a sunset location with the sun setting down the valley lighting the fells of Buttermere at the end of the day. Shooting wise there are plenty of options. Having the bothy in the shot is always a good option. I made a fire in the stove to make the smoke come out of the chimney in one of my shots. 

Warnscale Bothy

Then there are the amazing sunset views you get from here. At the end of the day, it's nice to get the classic illuminated tent shot. By having a head torch hanging inside your tent it will glow well standing out in your shot. 

Parking at Honister Slate Mine

Warnscale Bothy Location

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