The Duke Of Portland Boathouse

The Duke of Portland Boathouse can be found on the A592 close to Pooley Bridge, Ullswater. It is probably the most photographed boathouse in the UK and with good reason. In autumn it looks spectacular with the colours reflecting on the surface of the lake. There is a layby just opposite the boathouse where you can park safely. Jumping down on to the shores of Ullswater there you can be safe of the road to set up for a shot. Best time of day is at dawn where if your lucky to get some mist to add even more interest. 

I set up early for this image one autumnal day and I was lucky to have clear skies which gave me some nice golden light on the boathouse.  I just had a polariser and a 3 stop soft graduated filter to tone down the sky. It's another classic shot worth capturing.                

Duke Of Portland

Duke Of Portland Boathouse


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