Photography Around Buttermere.


Buttermere is a small village between Crummock Water and Buttermere, taking its actual name from the village itself. Originally these two lakes were joined and as debris was washed down from the nearby fells the meres were separated and the village was formed. Location is in the North Lake District accessible from Keswick following the B5289 through Borrowdale, Cockermouth on the same road North of Buttermere or from Braithwaite through Whinlatter Pass.  All these approaches offer an amazing scenic driving experience.

Location & Directions

Getting up early is highly recommended for early morning calm water, that is if you wish to capture reflections on the mere/lake. For this shot,  it is possible to park nearby just off the road. It's a little tricky to get on as its a quite a surface with a drop off from the tarmac. Head down to the lake walking in a direction towards Buttermere village. As you enter a small meadow the land heads out more into the lake. As the land turns back heading down the lake you get good views of the fells to your left,  that is where I made this panorama image of High Stile & High Crag.   

High Stile & High Crag

High Stile & High Crag

Map Location

The Sentinals 

These Scotts pines are a real feature on Buttermere as well as the small white house in the frame. There are many options for composition from here. Making a wide angle shot to have Haystacks in the shot or tight in with a telephoto lens to just have the trees and house in the frame. I chose a wide angle shot fro this particular moment because I wanted that beam of sunlight coming into frame from the Left. It's a good second shot to capture too maybe after High Stile & High Crag as it takes some time for the sun to rise high enough to get light on the valley floor. 

Parking for here is in the same place as for High Stile and High Crag.  Standing on an and area of bank where it curves round into the lake is the best spot.  Refer to the map location for a more detailed location.


Early Morning Sun Buttermere

Sentinels Location

Loan Tree

This is another popular shot of this lone tree. I made this composition so the tree framed Fleetwith Pike with one of its branches. With the light not favorable my best option was a black & white conversion.

To get here it is a relatively short walk from Buttermere village itself. Parking in the village carparks follow the path down to the lakeside. Once at the lake the tree is to the left.  There are other trees around here where one can get other compositions. 

Buttermere Lone Tree

Loan Tree Buttermere

Lone Tree Location

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