Moored Up Derwentwater

Rowing Boats

These boats moored up in the evening close to Crow Park in Keswick make for the perfect picture. The warm light contrasts beautifully with the varnished hull's. The mountains in the distance make the perfect backdrop telling the viewer where the scene is taken from.   


When I'm in Keswick I like to park in the carpark which is just behind the Theatre or better still on Crow Park road which is free of charge. It is only a short walk from here over the field towards the theater. 

Getting The Shot

This is one of only many compositions available to shoot here. Get on the landing stages is another option to get more creative images. I made this particular shot with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and a 24-70mm lens. Attaching a polarizer helps with reflected light and gives the colours more punch. I also had a two stop hard graduated filter attached to my Lee holder which just helps to control the brighter parts of the sky.

Rowing Boats Location

Ashness Landing

Sunset at Ashness Landing

Ashness Landing

This jetty used by the Keswick cruise boats is a great spot for a sunset shot with Catbells in the distance. Located just off the B5289 and parking in a small carpark just over the cattle grid it's just a hop over the road to get to it. 

Its a popular spot for other photographers so it is best to get there early to secure a spot. 

Getting The Shot

For this image, I used a long exposure of 30 seconds to make the water a more calm looking giving it a more serene feel. Using a ten stop Lee neutral density filter increased my 1/30s exposure time at f/14 to 30 seconds. I generally set the exposure to 1/30s then adjust my iso and aperture to suit. Once the exposure has been set it's then just a case of making sure focus is correct, then attaching a ten stop filter and altering the shutter speed to 30 seconds. In addition, I also had a two-stop graduated filter for the sky.

Ashness Landing

Castlerigg Stone Circle

Castle Rigg Stone Circle

Castlerigg Stone Circle.

Castlerigg Stone Circle is one of the finest examples of circles from the Neolithic period in the British Isles. Offering a fantastic 360° view of the surrounding fells its ideal to make a panoramic shot from here. 

Parking on the side of the road it is only a very short walk with entry through a gate in the hedgerow. Be warned though it can get busy with tourists and other photographers. 

Getting The Shot

For this particular shot, I was facing in a westerly direction for sunset. The first thing I did was to actually get my tripod perfectly level by making sure your spirit level bubble is centralised.  Having the camera in vertical format I made a quick sweep across the scene watching the histogram doesn't show any blown out highlights. Then it's just a case of taking the shots overlapping each shot by approximately 25 %.  It's then just a matter of running the images through Lightroom, Photoshop or software of your choice to make the final image. 

Castlerigg Stone Circle Location

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