Seven Sisters & The Coastguard Cottages

This location was a planned visit to take this shot of the famous Seven Sisters and the coastguard cottages in East Sussex. The first day I visited the location but light and tides were not to my liking. Planning to return the next day at high tide and with a better weather forecast I left to camp nearby overnight. The next day conditions were perfect and I set up for the shot using a Lee polariser and a 3 stop Lee soft graduated filter to control the brighter highlights in the sky. With the sun to my right shoulder, the cliffs were illuminated perfectly, with the polariser doing its job well reducing reflections revealing a beautiful turquoise sea. I later entered the image into the Daily Mails "Britains Best View" competition in 2018 which I subsequently won. I was announced the winner of the competition in January 2019. Here is the link to the competition 

The Seven Sisters and Coastguard Cottages

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