About Me - Mark Bulmer Landscape Photography

About Mark Bulmer 

I am a landscape photographer from North Yorkshire who loves to discover and stay in the wildest places of Britain to capture the raw organic beauty that others may otherwise not see. I have always enjoyed being outdoors from an early age. My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic when I was 10. Things have moved on a little since that time. Digital photography has given us all the opportunity to capture moments in time to treasure forever, to be creative, to explore our surroundings, enjoy the experience and the moment with friends.

I believe a photograph has the power to change lives, and I strive to take images that give the viewer a feeling of I want to go there. My goal is to bring areas of outstanding natural beauty right into your home or work space and to people who have a common interest in my subject matter. I certainly like feedback on my images and I welcome comments and interaction from people. I enjoy talking about landscape photography and technical issues and I am happy to help others. Please view my gallery and ask me any questions you want and I will always reply in a timely manner.

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